School Description

Jingle Bells is a high quality, cheerful, safe and stimulating Pre-School, ensuring the strong foundation for your child in today's demanding world

* Well qualified, experienced and dedicated full time teachers.

* All staff CPR and basic first aid trained.

* Certified Safety & First-Aid representatives.

* Transport Services, collecting and dropping off the children.

Computer Classes included in School fees (Only for Grade R and RR)

* Nutritious food served: Breakfast (up to 3 year old learners), snack at 10:00, Lunch at 11:30 and snacks at 15:00 pm and 17:00 pm.

* Pure filtered water all the time.

* Separate toilets for girls and boys.

* International accredited curriculum.

* Innovative "learning by example" methodology to give best traditional education.

* Morning sessions: Class routines & Afternoon sessions: Learn through.

* Extensive fine and gross motor skills training.

* Inspection by Qualified Health Inspectors & Early Childhood Forums.

* Diverse extra-mural activities by acclaimed instructors; Swimming, Karate, Ballet, Gymnastics, Computers, etc.

* School open throughout the year and only closed annually in Dec/Jan.

* School open throughout the year and only closed annually in Dec/Jan.

For your convenience we open at 06:30am/17:30pm


* Our program is built around international academic standards which are aligned with the CAPS Curriculum document. Through backward design a natural progression of skills is evident from the preschool to a more formalised program in Grade RR and then Grade R. A panel of experts in early childhood education developed the curriculum and will be yearly reviewed.

* The program encourages language development, self-expression and creativity through a theme-based approach with the use of puppetry, literature, music and creative dramatics. It promotes cooperation, sensitivity to others, spatial awareness, safety, and respect for rules. We strive to instill a love of books and pre-reading strategies which will lay the foundation for a life-long joy of learning.

* Our Mathematics concepts are integrated into the themes and are developmental, experiential and child centered

* We want to provide a healthy, fun and challenging introduction to large motor experiences by providing sensory enriching experiences through physical activities. These activities will focus on children's ability to interpret sensory input and perform fine and gross motor skills.

* The children will also have the opportunity on a daily basis for outside play where they are encouraged to engage in varied physical activities of their own choice.

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