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What does this Partnership cost ?

There is a once off Initiation fee of R 20,000. This initiation fee is to secure your understanding and agreement in the partnership programme and towards initial efforts in identifying a premise for the school.

Depending on the shareholding and partnership agreed on, the initial set up costs ranges between R 200,000 and R 400,000.

What do you get for your investment?

We offer you the advantages of being part of a larger synergy, while still allowing you to be independent!

The Jingle Bells channel offers you:

1.A strong corporate identity.

2.No Royalties or commissions. Pure Profit/Loss based partnership, as per South Africa's Companies Act.

3.Global Marketing and Advertisement, done on a regular basis through newspapers, flyers and fund raisers.

4.JINGLE BELLS branded top quality merchandise that puts the JINGLE BELLS brand in the home and mind of the Parents every time.

5.Moving billboards in the form of our school buses, school delivery vehicles constantly visible on all major routes.

6.Access to a fully-fledged training centre - offering courses in all aspects of CPR, First Aid, Baby Care and Management (From Finance and Back Office to IT, OHS and Pre-School Procedures).

7.Full assistance in submission to Health and Social Development Departments for permits and certificates.

8.Custom styled uniforms exclusive to JINGLE BELLS. Both for Staff and Learners.

9.Dedicated field staff regularly visiting the school for quality inspection and pro-active measures.

10.Monthly in-school problem solving sessions and SWOT analysis.

11.Income statement benchmarking in order to assess the health of your business.

12.Approachable and honest management team.

13.Proven track record. Jingle Bells is very close to become South Africa's favourite pre-school.

14.Dedicated and highly motivated Management team.

15.The setup of school is ZERO effort for you. Once the Setup fee is paid, you will receive the Keys of the new Jingle Bells branch, within 90 days.

16.IT and inventory expertise.

17.Complete Accounting and Fee Management performed by head office, removing the biggest headache of fee payment collections and allocations from the Partner/Branch. This way, the branch's owners and Principal doesn't have to face the defaulting parents and handling of the difficult parents.

Who is ideal for us?

1.The PARTNER with the ability and desire to deal well with people.

2.The PARTNER who is service driven and quality conscious.

3.The PARTNER who is self-motivated and has a good work ethic.

4.The PARTNER who values communication and people skills and is prepared to spend time and energy cultivating customer loyalty.

5.The PARTNER must be an owner operator.

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